WASHINGTON (2 May 2017) – By taking the IEEE-USA Salary & Benefits Survey, U.S. IEEE members get free access to a tool that can helpful advance their careers.

Email invitations were sent today to U.S. higher-grade IEEE members to participate in the 2017 survey. Participants will receive 10 complimentary uses of IEEE-USA’s Salary Calculator. This online tool, based on survey data, enables members to benchmark their salaries against others working in their field.

Please check your inbox for an email from IEEE-USA President Karen S. Pedersen entitled, “A Special Request from IEEE-USA.”The survey closes on 9 May 2017. For more information, see https://ieeeusa.org/careers/salary-service/.

Results will be published later this year. Here are highlights from the IEEE-USA Salary & Benefits Survey, 2016 Edition.

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