• This e-book, the fifth in a series of engineering activities for the classroom, gives teachers a way to expose their students to invention and entrepreneurship. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • This e-book, the fourth in a series of engineering activities for the classroom, gives teachers a way to expose their students to robotics. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • In Volume 3 of his Engineering Activities for the Classroom series, author Harry T. Roman focuses on engineering. He includes many activities for younger grades (K-6), as well as for middle- and high-school students. Teachers can use the books in this series for developing lesson plans or assignments for students — both in class, or via distance learning. The books are designed to get young minds thinking about technology, engineering and invention. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • Veteran educator Harry T. Roman’s exciting latest e-books offer teachers, students, and parents an educational series on engineering topics of timely interest for the classroom.  Teachers can use the activities in these books to develop lesson plans or assignments for students – to engage them in the classroom, or via distance learning they can do at home, with their parents, or by themselves. In the second volume of the series, Engineering Activities for the Classroom—Volume 2: Energy in Our World, the author takes a deep dive into how energy has an impact on our world every day. Having worked 36 years with a Fortune 500 combination electric and natural gas utility, and having practiced the fine art of conducting advanced energy R&D, Roman is no stranger to the subject matter. Further, he has come to recognize how teachers perceive it from a lesson plan standpoint. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • This new educational activities series deals with topics of timely interest. Teachers can use the activities contained within for developing lesson plans, or assignments for students—both in class, or via distance learning. Volume 1 focuses on Telecommunications and Computers. Author Harry T. Roman designed the activities in this book to get young minds thinking and asking questions. The union of communication and computer technologies has unleashed a huge potential challenge to our world, certainly affecting it for decades to come; and opening tremendous opportunities for beneficial changes. Traditional organizations will evolve in new ways. Schools and colleges will transform into new centers of learning. The workplace will definitely change; as well as local demographics and economic development, along with it. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • This book is about presenting electrical engineering information and activities in the classroom for students to use and ponder. Teachers and higher educators can use this book as part of the regular academic day; in conjunction with STEM/STEAM, or technology education classes; or even for after school clubs, or special academic projects. They can also supplement classroom discussions about electricity. The impact of electrical engineering accomplishments spans a wide array of our economy — from common electronic devices and electric power systems to renewable energy sources, to electromagnetic fields, to artificial intelligence. Let’s not forget robotic devices, space travel and electric vehicles — just a few electrical engineering application areas. This small volume attempts to create some broad-based familiarity with this form of engineering. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99


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