• Author Orin Laney dedicates this new, updated, online version of his original book to entrepreneurs and innovators who use their ideas to start new companies, or entirely new industries. The purpose of this guide is to familiarize readers with personal intellectual property rights, and the associated issues that arise during employment—especially addressing the intellectual property rights of employed individuals.   Member: FREE Non-Member: $4.99
  • This final book of the series presents a detailed roadmap to successfully launching your company and product. From setting realistic goals for the launch, determining the key messages, and preparing the sales team - to briefing the press and analysts, finding the right venue, and enlisting the help of early customers. Book 5 takes you through all the necessary steps to a successful launch. Member: $0.00 Non-Member: $9.00
  • This eBook series provides an overview of the basics of starting a startup -- quickly building an initial business plan, understanding and communicating the value proposition, creating an effective elevator pitch, positioning the product and company, and speaking to potential investors and customers in a way that maximizes the chances of success. Book 4: Pricing Strategies, tackles one of the most difficult tasks for an entrepreneur -- pricing your product appropriately. Determine which time-tested pricing approach is best for you, how to validate pricing, and how to develop a long-term strategy. Member: $0.00 Non-Member: $9.99
  • The third book in this series guides you through the competitive landscape, helping you to understand who your real competition is, and why it is important to see the landscape the way your customers do. This book also helps you develop an effective positioning strategy, determine the true value of your product or service to your target customer, and find ways to ensure your solution is the ideal one. Member: FREE Non-Member: $9.99
  • This series of e-books help you build up your understanding of your business, and maximize your chances for success. Book 2--Market Size and Strategy, helps flesh out the initial plan. It helps you find the real market size, even when dealing with disruptive technology where market size data is hard to come by. This book also helps the entrepreneur better understand the target buyer, and how to communicate the value of their product or service, increasing the probability of early and ongoing sales. Member: FREE Non-Member: $9.99
  • The Starting Your Start-Up e-book series is designed for the engineer or entrepreneur who has a great product or service idea, but no real marketing expertise. With a small budget and big dreams, it's difficult to know where to start. This book helps the reader understand all the basics of starting a startup. Book 1: Developing a Business Plan shows you how to develop an initial business plan that contains just enough information to get started. It helps you define your concept clearly and concisely, build an effective elevator pitch, communicate your product and company positioning, and identify your critical success factors. Member: FREE Non-Member: $9.99


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