About the Manga Project

The IEEE Japan Council Student Activities Committee organized a Manga plot contest for IEEE student members. The IEEE Japan Council, DNP, Maruzen Yushodo, and professional manga artists served as judges to select three works from the student entries and publish them as comics. These six Manga titles — three from the inaugural contest (2021), and three from Part II (2022) — are published here with permission from the IEEE Japan Council.
  • Authors: Arisa Matsuo, Teru Kawakita Find a job or further studies? Emi, a student troubled about her future, begins to explore her path after attending an IEEE lecture with her sister, the CEO of a venture company. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Authors: Shumpei Takenaka, Ryota Genseki One day, a student was ordered by the club chair to join the manga story contest. Can he make a story using AI technology as an engineering student? Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Authors: Eiko Nakajima, Dong Jiong An, who has enrolled in university but is not enjoying a fulfilling student life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding new aspirations by participating in the Region 10 Congress, IEEE's international event, and coming into contact with people and cultures from other countries. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Authors: Aika Ueno, Keiko Ishii One day, a mysterious robot from the future named "Triple E" appears in front of a female graduate student who is sleep deprived, has a disordered diet, and leads an unhealthy research lifestyle! Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Author: Hisao Usui Sequel to "KOGAKU JOSHI." They are all striving to develop their respective fields of expertise, but sometimes the road ahead is steep! Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Authors: Rino Sugimoto, Kojiro Nishimiya A love story set in Okinawa about a Sanshin (musical instrument) craftsman and a female university student studying acoustic engineering. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Author: Natsuko Kawakami Riko-chan, a genius science girl who can hardly be considered an elementary school student, uses mathematical models and simulations to solve the little mysteries of everyday life in this new kind of coming-of-age mystery. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Author: Hisao Usui Three girls studying in the Department of Engineering find their own way by rethinking “engineering” from their own perspectives. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE


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