Tesla Twins

IEEE-USA has launched its first original comic book series featuring electrical engineering superheroes. Written and illustrated by cartoonist, industrial designer, and toymaker Jeff Knurek, these exciting stories are replete with death rays, circuit boards, miniaturization, bionic prosthetics, time travel, and much more. All this technology — real and fantasy — is designed to help fuel imaginations and to stimulate readers’ creativity — no matter their ages.

  • They’re back! The Tesla Twins — that dynamic superhero duo who delighted IEEE-USA members last year with their battles against the Forces of Evil — are here again. Once more, these two make-believe descendants of one of the most prolific inventors and futurists in engineering history are offering readers of all ages both a touch of fantasy and plenty of inspiration about engineering. The Tesla Twins: Rescue at the Speed of Lightis the second in the IEEE-USA e-comic series with the young electrical engineering superheroes. The comic is dedicated to “all engineers and engineers to come — who do, and will do, great things to make our world a better place.” Member: FREE Non-Member: $4.99
  • Author: Jeff Knurek  |  Download FREE audiobook A new duo of superheroes is in town, ready to do battle with the Forces of Evil — as IEEE-USA introduces its first comic book with electrical engineering superheroes.

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