AI: A Global Survey

AI: A Global Survey

Artificial Intelligence (AI) potentially affects all aspects of society in both positive and negative ways. Future regulations and laws regarding the implementation of AI technologies will significantly impact how AI benefits or harms our society, and public policies will play a role in encouraging innovation while mitigating the possible negative effects.

This survey provides insight into how other countries approach AI and regulation of related technologies by providing an overview of the national AI strategies of 26 countries. It includes references to the extant laws that address privacy and security.

This survey was prepared by Raine Sagramsingh for IEEE-USA at the request of the IEEE-USA Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Policy Committee (Chair, Mina Hanna).

Size: 80 pages (13 MB)
Latest Version: V.2019.1
Published: 11 October 2019
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All information contained in this report is current as of publication date, and will be continually updated as the activities of these countries progress. The latest version will be available here for download. Unless otherwise noted, all budget figures are in U.S. dollars, using mid-2019 exchange rates.

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