Good Research Practices in Academics: A Perspective for Developing Countries

Authors: Dr. Abhishek Mahesh Appaji & Dr. Ramya Hariharan

Quality research is a necessity to prepare ourselves for the surprises hidden in the future. It goes without saying that a focused, superior quality research culture is the need of the hour. In particular, the scope for improving and channelizing academic research in developing countries should be analyzed.

This book presents the authors’ viewpoints on the different elements that should be considered to build a competitive academic research culture in developing countries. The chapters in this book focus on the various factors that play a critical role in paving the way for quality research. The authors have also attempted to identify the best practices to improve research culture through funding, publications and collaborations that would aid academic researchers, particularly in developing countries, in building a strong research organization.

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Authors: Dr. Abhishek Mahesh Appaji & Dr. Ramya Hariharan

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