Plug-In Hybrids: Part 3 – New Technology Challenges and Opportunities & The Need for Federal Action Now

Plug-In-Hybrids: Accelerating Progress Part 3: New Technology Challenges and Opportunities & The Need For Federal Action Now is the last of a three-part series of transcripts from the IEEE-USA-sponsored symposium, Plug-in Hybrids: Accelerating Progress 2007, considers new technology challenges and opportunities; and the need for federal action now. Panelists for this session of the symposium were Ric Fulop, Cofounder, A123 Systems; Philippe Gow, Vice President of Research, Development & Engineering, International Battery; Ken Marko, Engineering Research and Development Center, ETAS (Bosch); Donald Sadoway, Professor of Materials Chemistry, MIT; Keith Cole, Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, General Motors; Anne Korin, Director of Policy and Strategic Planning, The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security; Christopher King, Professional Energy & Environment Staff, U.S. House Science and Technology Committee.

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Author: Williams, B.

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