Shaping an Engineering Career – Book 3: Advancing to Management (Vol. 1)

Shaping an Engineering Career – Book 3: Advancing to Management (Vol. 1)

In his review of career management, author Dr. Siri Varadan presents a useful and imaginative insight into how young engineers can begin to address career aspirations. Using his own career as a metaphor, he explores how career advancement is a function of opportunity, meeting preparation and readiness. In this context, he is able to illustrate how taking certain proactive steps, selecting a mentor, staying connected with industry events and colleagues, continuing to pursue personal development opportunities, can intersect with, and even create, key opportunities to pursue career advancement. By following his career as it unfolded to date, he is also able to incorporate aspects of career that may not be evident to young engineers beginning in the workforce. For example, Varadan examines the unique challenges created by family obligations relative to career, how do you balance both to be successful with both aspects of life’personal and professional? In doing so, Dr. Varadan has personalized learning to help illustrate the nuances of decision-making in the context of optionality.

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