Teaching Your Kids to Think and Solve Problems

Teaching Your Kids to Think and Solve Problems

Author: Harry T. Roman  |  Download FREE audiobook

To help put you on the right path, this book covers practical and successful strategies you can take in the very early stages of the career transitioning process.

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Learning is not something you just do in school, or leave to your children’s teachers. The best and most lasting learning moments often come from parents. So, why not take an active interest in helping your children solve problems?

Challenge your children with fun and practical, real-world problems they will probably encounter in their adult lives. Such exercises are likely to: decrease the fear of problem-solving; put them in your shoes; demonstrate to them how adults solve problems; promote familiarity with problem-solving; build confidence and self-esteem; illustrate how math is, and will be, used every day in their adult lives; help organize their logical thinking skills.

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