WISE – Splinternet Versus Open Internet – Policy Recommendations for the American Position

In the past 10 years, Internet adoption outside the Western world has moved at a rapid pace, and there are documented instances of cultural, social, and economic difficulties owed to the Internet. Nations like China, whose number of Internet users now outnumbers the entire United States’ population, advocate for a more state-centered model of control over the Internet. In the eyes of the United States and liked-minded developed nations, this increasing push for state control represents a significant threat to the Internet’s continued social, economic, and political impact. Many have rallied to oppose what they see as an attempted authoritarian takeover of the Internet. In this e-book, author Lucas Wadman advocates for a threefold solution: the creation of a centralized body of Cyber Affairs within the U.S. Government, further decentralization and representation of civil society in Internet governance matters, and reform of legislation that permits overreaching electronic surveillance activities.

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Author: Wadman, L.

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