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Thomas Edison—Man of the Millennium, Vol. 3: Observations

Author: Harry T. Roman  |  Download FREE audiobook In the third and final volume this trilogy, author Harry T. Roman advances his view that the Thomas Edison contributed much of the groundwork for many 21st century technological realities. E-Book (PDF) Member: FREE Non-Member: $4.99

Thomas Edison – Man of the Millennium – Volume 2: Lifetime Partnerships

Author: Harry T. Roman  |  Download FREE audiobook In Volume 2 of the series--Lifetime Partnerships--Roman postulates that not only Edison’s fellow inventors and technicians in the lab; but also his mother and his second wife were fundamental to Edison’s creative growth and business success. E-Book (PDF) Member: FREE Non-Member: $4.99

Thomas Edison – Man of the Millennium – Volume 1: The Legacy

Author: Harry Roman  |  Download FREE audiobook In Volume 1 of this series on Thomas Edison, the chapters reflect what strikes the author as interesting; and what folks have asked him about, or commented upon, when they hear his weekend lectures. E-Book (PDF) Member: FREE Non-Member: $4.99

In The News Archive

Following is a list of IEEE-USA citations in online, print, radio and television news stories. Some of the links may have expired or require a password. Is the Gender Gap in Technology Pay Actually Growing? DICE | 19 October 2021 The Section 145 Trilogy: Why More Applicants Might Take Patent Applications from the USPTO [...]

IEEE Foundation Spotlight Webinar Series

Join the IEEE Foundation and IEEE History Center for a free webinar on the origins of electric light! Part of the Foundation's Spotlight Webinar Series, this session will dive into Thomas Edison's invention of the practical incandescent lamp. Catch it live online on 17 September at 1:00pm ET. To register, please visit the sign-up page.

Responding to Inaccuracies about IEEE-USA in November 10 Article

WASHINGTON (13 November 2017) – On Friday, November 10th, published an article containing a number of factually inaccurate statements about IEEE-USA, our prestigious Congressional Fellows Program and former volunteer Ron Hira. We would like to correct the record: IEEE-USA is neither a union nor a ‘quasi-union,’ but is an operating unit of IEEE, which is [...]


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