Student Professional Awareness Committee

The Student Professional Awareness Committee is responsible primarily for developing, implementing, and promoting activities among U.S. Student Members of the IEEE, including our flagship program SPAx, with an emphasis on professional awareness, but may include broad technical topics if deemed appropriate by the Student Professional Awareness Committee.


The “x” in SPAx is a variable. It could a conference with an invited speaker, a series of activities focused on honing career skills, a social event to foster networking and team building skills, a design contest, a tech talk, or any other format, as long as they focus on career development. You decide what works for your chapter, and IEEE gives you the support to implement your ideas. You create your own SPAx events, and the experience is yours to decide. Here is a list of our National Speakers, and here are your Region Coordinators, your tour guide to all things SPAx.

Hosting your own event is not only a fantastic experience, it is a fantastic resume booster. Try to get some real world companies to sponsor your event, and bring out some potential hiring recruiters. The possibilities are endless.


Committee Chair
Robert Vice

Vice Chair
Taylor Barto

General Contact