SPAx Focus Areas

Ethics and engineering are fundamentally intertwined. Decisions made by engineers have a profound impact on society. Discover how to:

  • Practice ethics in a work environment that is constantly influenced by realities of globalization, financial motivation, and information overload
  • Generate or customize a framework or set of principles for ethical conduct across differing conflicts and scenarios
  • Balance professional integrity against corporate loyalty and other personal interest

Personal skills are as crucial as technical skills for a successful career in engineering, and paves the way for successfully navigating the business world. Discover how to:

  • Develop skills that are necessary to effectively run a meeting and manage a committee.
  • Apply the best practices for time management and priority setting of tasks
  • Better manage your online persona and learn how it can assist or affect your career
  • Plan your finances and investments

Decision-makers are frequently looking to engineers for advice to improve public policies. Discover:

  • How a legislation is drafted, introduced, and debated in Congress
  • The major policy issues and contentions of current interest, and why you should care
  • The role engineers play in informing and shaping public policy and how to get involved

Staying involved in a professional society adds value to your career. However, becoming a leader improves your professional net worth and profile. Discover how:

  • A professional society—such as IEEE—can help you in your professional and personal growth
  • Staying involved with a professional organization is a value to you and your profession

Innovation is a complex theoretical concept but can be learned by practice like any other art or science. Discover how to:

  • Capitalize on your professional training and creativity to become an innovator
  • Learn from the success and failure of others
  • Incorporate elements and practices of other cultures and professions (such as arts, humanities, media, and sociology)

In a world of short attention spans, it is crucial to create and communicate a message that sticks. Learning how to communicate effectively will multiply the impact of your work. Discover how to:

  • Master the art of storytelling
  • Deliver better presentations
  • Improve written communication
  • Leverage social, traditional, and other media effectively
  • Use these skills to help improve the public understanding of engineering and its impact

Engineers play a major role in advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Discover how to:

  • Play a role in reducing poverty and hunger, improving infrastructure, and addressing environmental and economic challenges
  • Become a global citizen and an ambassador for the engineering profession.


Committee Chair
Robert Vice

Vice Chair
Taylor Barto

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