PHOENIX (20 September 2017) – Environmental Sustainability is a major issue facing humanity. To meet present needs without compromising our future, advances in sustainable technology, policy and social behavior are essential.

The fifth IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech 2017), on November 12-14, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Airport Hilton, explores the development and application of science, engineering, and technology to promote sustainability. SusTech features a combination of academic papers and invited speakers with specialties that are making an impact in the environment sustainability.

The SusTech 2017 program features workshops, keynotes and presentations of research papers and invited speakers on technologies, methodologies, tools and case studies. SusTech strives to provide attendees the tools, connections and proactive solutions to take their sustainability programs to the next level.

Topics covered include: Ecological Sustainability and Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Internet of Things for Sustainability, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Renewable / Alternate Energy, Smart Grid, Societal Implications / Quality of Life, and Water Resources Management.

Program highlights include:

  • On Sunday Nov.12, workshop attendees will learn about Mobile Microgrid Training or Making for Sustainability, and view entries in the Student Poster Contest.
  • Monday Nov. 13 features a panel discussion on the role of technical professional associations in sustainability: “UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) challenges & the IEEE’s response”, a lunch keynote on “Energy Infrastructure of the Future” and an evening dinner presentation about “Central Arizona Project”.
  • Tuesday Nov. 14 features an international panel discussion on “Sustainability Policy” with representatives from the US, China and Europe in the morning and closes with an industry forum.

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