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LinkedIn and Standing Out


You have to be seen for what you bring to table. You can do this by populating your LinkedIn profile to achieve your desired results. Yes, it involves some planning, work and structure. Let’s talk about it in this webinar!

Critical Thinking for Engineers


In this webinar, we explore the key aspects of critical thinking: analytical skills, data analysis, interpretation, judgment, questioning evidence, and healthy skepticism. This aptitude allows for much richer, better solutions to real-world challenges.

Career Transitioning 101: First Steps


If you are considering making a career change, this webinar will cover practical and successful strategies that we suggest should be taken in the very early stages of the process.

The Big Game: Hunting for Reliable Access to Advanced and Secure Electronics


In this panel discussion, the IEEE-USA will discuss the FY2021 National Defense Appropriations Act’s directive to protect access to advanced microelectronics that powers the 4th industrial revolution. Join us to gain insight from industry leaders into the solutions that will protect our access to measurably secure electronics needed to provide critical capabilities.

What Do The Best Consultants Do To Get Clients?


This session provides an overview of five organic steps aimed at helping consultants and contractors get clients. Walk away not only with an overview of the steps but ideas to help you with lead generation and ongoing client nurturing.


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