Past Recipients

2014 Cary James (Educator) and Mohamad Musavi (Engineer)
2013 Mary Smith (Educator) and John Zulaski (Engineer)
2012 Ryan Harvey (Educator) and Manuel R. Muro, Jr. (Engineer)
2011 Melissa Stadtfeld (Educator) and Freddie P. Wong (Engineer)
2010 Marion Zeiner (Educator) and Percy F. Shadwell, Jr. (Engineer)
2009 Richard Sanders (Educator) and George R. Haus (Engineer)
2008 None Selected
2007 Christopher Benedict (Educator) and Moises Case (Engineer)
2006 Joy Huebel (Educator) and Renator Recio (Engineer)
2005 Robert Cornacchioli (Educator) and James Jensen (Engineer)
2004 William G. Speed, Jr. (teacher) andMark R. Rognstad (engineer)
2003 Alan D. Mays (teacher) and William Conrad (engineer)

Nominations Deadline:
9 September 2017

Nominations are now open. Please visit our nominations page
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