About this Award


To recognize members for their outstanding leadership efforts in advancing the professional aims of IEEE in the United States within their Regional or Divisional entities.

Form of Recognition

Engraved plaque.


A maximum of ten per year. Awards will be considered only on the basis of qualified candidates nominated and who receive endorsement of their Regional/Divisional Directors.


Regional Professional Leadership Award - Any IEEE member residing in a U.S. Region (Regions 1-6).

Divisional Professional Leadership Award - Any IEEE member of any IEEE
Society for activities germane to IEEE-USA objectives.

No current member of the IEEE Board of Directors, the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee, or IEEE staff may be candidates, or nominate candidates, for this IEEE-USA award.


The nominations for the IEEE-USA Jim Watson Student Professional Awareness Achievement Award are open to all IEEE members. Nominations may be submitted any time prior to the nomination deadline by completing the form on the online nomination portal.


Nominations are also solicited via publication of suitable notices in SPECTRUM, The INSTITUTE, and in Section and Society newsletters. In addition, a press release shall be made available to appropriate trade and technical publications outside the IEEE. The appropriate Regional or Division Director must endorse the nomination (more than one nomination may be endorsed.)

Basis for Judging

Selection shall be based on dedication, effort, and quality, of accomplishment in advancing the professional aims of the IEEE as they pertain to United States activities on a regional or divisional (Society) basis. Of special importance for the divisional award is that part of IEEE's purposes emphasizing enhancement of the quality of life through the constructive application of technology and promoting understanding of the influence of technology on the public welfare in the United States.


The IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee shall evaluate all nominations and shall select those which, in their judgment, best meet the criteria of the award for recommendation to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors for approval.


Presentation of the award shall normally be made by the President, IEEE-USA or designee at a major IEEE-USA conference, such as the Professional Activities Conference.


Citation shall be proposed by the person originating the nomination. It will be reviewed and modified as appropriate by the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee.

Nominations Deadline:
9 September 2017

Nominations are now open. Please visit our nominations page
to nominate a colleague.


David Iams
Career, Member, and Professional Activities Manager
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