This award has been discontinued. If you were interested in nominating someone for this award, please nominate the person under the Harry Diamond Award.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Citation
2010 No Recipient
2009 No Recipient
2008 No Recipient
2007 Michael J. Duarte For technology transfer to medical diagnostics by applying digital imaging enhancement — used for finding underwater objects to detecting small lesions in mammograms.
2006 No Recipient
2005 No Recipient
2004 David O. Patterson For spearheading development of advanced lithographic approaches and tools that foster exceptional advances in Department of Defense system capabilities and their transfer to commercial application.
2003 No Recipient
2002 No Recipient
2001 Adam M. Kissiah, Jr. For contributions in the fields of aerospace instrumentation, including developing principles of the Cochlear implant device.
2001 Jan F. Lindberg For innovative transducer concepts that have advanced the art and science of underwater acoustic technology.
2000 Ron Gilbert For his foresight and leadership in RF Tagging technology as technical task-force lead on more than 50 RF tagging projects.
1999 Michael V. Scanlon For his invention and development at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory of an Acoustic Monitoring Pad for measuring physiological parameters and his initiative in the subsequent adaptation of this technology to a state-of-the-art Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Monitor and Stimulator.
1999 William J. Kaveney For his outstanding record in initiating, negotiating, and executing more than 85 Cooperative Research and Development Agreements for his directorate of the U.S. Air Force and for managing nearly a quarter of the Air Force’s active technology transfer licenses.
1998 Jerry Olson For research and development of a gallium indium phosphide/gallium arsenide (GalnP2/GaAs) cascade solar cell using a tandem design, and its successful adaptation by the commercial satellite industry.
1997 No Recipient
1996 Allen C. Newell For his leadership role in the development and implementation of antenna near-field scanning methods, and his pivotal role in transforming a theoretical development into a practical measurement tool which has become the preferred method into a practical measurement tool which has become the preferred method for evaluation and testing of advanced antennas.
1996 B. Don Russell For his research and development in the application of microcomputers and signal processing to electric power distribution protection and automation which, with his considerable assistance, is being applied and marketed by General Electric Company as the Digital Feeder Monitor for detecting high impedance and conventional overcurrent faults on distribution feeders.
1995 Clark A. Hamilton For providing services that collectively have resulted in the practical introduction of a new voltage standard based on Josephson-junction arrays into industry and the general metrology community of measurement systems.
1995 John Clarke For the development, transfer and commercialization of a key invention – a novel, ultra sensitive magnetometer based on direct current SQUID’s (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices) using high transition temperature (high Tc) superconductors and operating in liquid nitrogen at 77K.
1994 Michael J. Marcus For his pioneering work in the conception , drafting, and enactment of the Federal regulations that legalized commercial spread spectrum radio under FCC Part 15, the rules governing unlicensed devices; thus spawning a multimillion dollar, worldwide, wireless industry.
1994 Richard A. Stern For his aggressive utilization of the tools of the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to compile an impressive record of fifty-five signed Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) and fifteen Patent License Agreements.

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