The Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Policy Committee (AI&ASPC) brings together IEEE members with experience and expertise in the various disciplines used in scientific field of artificial intelligence (AI) to address the public policy needs of the S&T community working with this important emerging technology. The committee meets as needed to address current events and the emerging questions related to AI, and publishes position statements that reflect a consensus viewpoint of IEEE's U.S. membership, and which IEEE-USA staff will use to guide advocacy efforts within the United States. Specific uses include, but are not limited to, legislative advocacy, rule-making notice-and-comment letters, and advocacy efforts with the US Administration and federal agency officials.


AI, the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, is a rapidly emerging technology. While AI can be an effective and efficient enabler for national security and social good, and has significant potential for a wide range of commercial applications, society must acknowledge and address a number of salient issues. Increasingly, AI applications significantly impact every aspect of American society, with implications for the economy, public safety, privacy, and governmental applications.

For these reasons, the US government must create coordinated federal policy, which includes supporting AI R&D adequately while enacting effective laws and regulations that promote safety, privacy, cybersecurity, and intellectual property protection. Federal public policies must also assure transparency and provide the information necessary to allow the public to make informed decisions about the use of AI. Insufficient attention to any of these areas could result in high-profile controversies, critical technological failures, or even loss of life. Well-considered policies are essential for AI to achieve its full potential to create value for our society and allow the US to remain the leader in AI innovation.

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