The Government Relations Council (GRC) reports to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors through the IEEE-USA Vice President-Government Relations (VP-GR). The Council’s mission is to advance IEEE-USA’s public policy goals and capabilities by assisting the Vice President in providing direction and oversight of IEEE-USA’s government relations programs and committees.  Its functions include recommending IEEE-USA’s annual public policy priorities and legislative agenda and reviewing public policy position statements and whitepapers proposed to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors for adoption.


The Government Relations Council is comprised of the Vice President, Government Relations, who acts as chair, a Vice Chair, chairs of the IEEE-USA government relations committees (Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Policy, Communications Policy, Energy Policy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy, Government Fellows, Intellectual Property Policy, Research and Development Policy, STEM Diversity Policy, and Transportation and Aerospace Policy), liaisons from the six U.S. Regions, and members-at-large appointed for their expertise in government relations.

Committee Meeting Schedule

See Calendar of Events for a list of future GRC Meetings, or contact Russ Harrison (r.t.harrison@ieee.org) for information.

Volunteer Leaders

Chair: Will Robinson

Staff Contact