The Government Relations Council (GRC) reports to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors through the IEEE-USA Vice President-Government Relations (VP-GR). The Council’s mission is to advance IEEE-USA’s public policy goals and capabilities by assisting the Vice President in providing direction and oversight of IEEE-USA’s government relations programs and committees.  Its functions include recommending IEEE-USA’s annual public policy priorities and legislative agenda and reviewing public policy position statements and whitepapers proposed to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors for adoption.


The Government Relations Council is comprised of the Vice President, Government Relations, who acts as chair, a Vice Chair, the appointed chairs of the chartered IEEE-USA government relations committees (Career & Workforce Policy, Communications Policy, Critical Infrastructure Policy, Energy Policy, Government Fellows, Intellectual Property, PACE Gov't Activities, R&D Policy, Transportation and Aerospace Policy), and members-at-large appointed for their expertise in government relations.

Committee Meeting Schedule

See Calendar of Events for a list of future GRC Meetings, or contact Russ Harrison (r.t.harrison@ieee.org) for information.

Volunteer Leaders

Chair: Brendan Godfrey

Staff Contact