IEEE-USA Presidents

Past Presidents

2016Peter A. Eckstein
2015James A. Jefferies
2014Gary L. Blank
2013Marc T. Apter
2012James M. Howard
2011Ronald G. Jensen
2010Evelyn H. Hirt
2009Gordon W. Day
2008Russell Lefevre
2007John W. Meredith
2006Ralph W. Wyndrum, Jr.
2005Gerard A. Alphonse
2004John W. Steadman
2003James V. Leonard
2002LeEarl Bryant
2001Ned Sauthoff
2000Merrill Buckley
1999Paul Kostek
1998John Reinert

IEEE-USA Board of Directors

NV indicates a non-voting member.
Office 2017 2018
President Karen Pedersen Sandra L. Robinson
President-Elect Candy Robinson Thomas M. Coughlin
Past President Peter A. Eckstein Karen S. Pedersen
Vice President, Career and Member Services Mauro Togneri Tarek Lahdhiri
Vice President, Communications & Public Awareness Ron Jensen John Johnson
Vice President, Government Relations Maura Moran Brendan Godfrey
Secretary-Treasurer Bala Prasanna Scott Tamashiro
Region 1 Director Ronald Tabroff Babak Beheshti
Region 2 Director Kate Duncan Kate Duncan
Region 3 Director James Conrad Gregg Vaughn
Region 4 Director Bernie Sander Bernie Sander
Region 5 Director Francis Grosz, Jr. Robert Shapiro
Region 6 Director Kathleen Kramer Kathleen Kramer
Member-at-Large Peter Winokur Peter Winokur
Technical Activities Representative Roger Fujii John W. Walz
Young Professionals Representative Tim Worboys Gloria See
Managing Director (NV) Chris J. Brantley Chris J. Brantley

IEEE-USA Committee Chairs

Committee 2017 2018
Career & Member Services
Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks (AICN) Larry Nelson
Employment & Career Services Paul Kostek
Licensure & Registration Thad Welch
K-12 STEM Literacy Ed Kirchner
Communications & Public Awareness
Awards & Recognition John Johnson John Johnson
Communications Chan Wong
Government Relations
Communications Policy Dan Lubar
Energy Policy Fred Denny
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Mark Wingate/Terry Wong
Government Fellows Kyle Bunch
Intellectual Property Adam Goldberg
Research & Development Policy Brendan Godfrey
Transportation & Aerospace Tech. Policy Phil Hall
Conferences Committee Charles Rubenstein David Green
Finance Committee Bala Prasanna Scott Tamashiro
Membership Devon Ryan TBD
Nominations & Appointments Marc Apter Pete Eckstein
MOVE Project (ad hoc) Mary Ellen Randall Mary Ellen Randall
Professional Activities
Professional Activities Tom Coughlin TBD
Student Professional Awareness Robert Vice Robert Vice
Presidential/Board Ad Hocs
Future Leaders Steering Committee (ad hoc) Nicole Skarke Nicole Skarke
Future Leaders Industry Advisory Committee (ad hoc) Guru Madhavan Guru Madhavan
Diversity Tim Worboys Daniella Piper

IEEE-USA Liaisons and Representatives

Organization 2016 2017
IEEE Awards Board Bernard Sanders John Johnson
IEEE Conferences Committee Charles Rubenstein Charles Rubenstein
IEEE Educational Activities Board Pamela Jones Pamela Jones
IEEE EAB - Precollege Education Coordinating Committee (PECC) Joe Burns Ed Kirchner
IEEE Finance Committee Bala Prasanna Bala Prasanna
IEEE Young Professionals Devon Ryan Devon Ryan
IEEE MGA Member Recruitment and Recovery Committee Gim Soon Wan Devon Ryan
IEEE MGA Student Activities Committee Nicole Skarke Robert Vice
IEEE N&A Committee Gary Blank Marc Apter
IEEE Publication Services & Products Board Ravi Todi Ravi Todi
IEEE TA/PSPB Products & Services Committee Ravi Todi Ravi Todi
IEEE Standards Don Wright John Kulick
IEEE Technical Activities Board Kathy Land Roger Fugii
IEEEE TA Future Directions Com. Thomas Tierney Thomas Tierney
IEEE Women in Engineering Committee Kate Duncan Takoi Hamrita
Liaisons to Outside Organizations
American Association of Engineering Societies (Board of Directors)(Assembly) Pete Eckstein
(Chris Brantley)
Karen Pedersen
(Chris Brantley
AAES Engineering Education Committee Burt Dicht
Burt Dicht
AAES Engineers Forum on Sustainability Russell Lefevre Russell Lefevre
AAES International Affairs Committee Rob Reilly
(Chris Brantley)
Rob Reilly
(Chris Brantley)
AAES K-12 STEM Working Group Dusty Fisher
(David Iams)
Ed Kirchner
(David Iams)
AAES Licensure & Registration Working Group  (Daryll Griffin) (Daryll Griffin)
Engineering Societies Carbon Management Technology Conference Denis King
(Aline McNaull)
Denis King
(Aline McNaull)
Council on Competitiveness Pete Eckstein Karen Pedersen
DiscoverE Diversity Council Maria Rodriguez
(Chris McManes)
Maria Rodriguez
(Chris McManes)
DiscoverE Steering Committee Jeff Friedhoffer
(Chris McManes)
Jeff Friedhoffer
(Chris McManes)
Federal Advisory Committee for the
2019 World Radiocommunications Conference
Michael J. Marcus Michael J. Marcus
NCEES Committee on Examinations for Professional Engineers Glenn Parker Glenn Parker
NCEES Participating Organizations Liaison Committee   Aaron Collins Michael R. Behnke
NCEES Electrical and Computer Exam Committee   Steve Barrett   Steve Barrett
NCEES Software Engineering PE Examination Committee   Phil Laplante David Vickers
U.S. National Commission to UNESCO  Gordon Day  Gordon Day
Liaisons to IEEE-USA
IEEE Standards Association Don Wright John Kulick
IEEE TAB Representative to IEEE-USA
Awards & Recognitions Committee
 John J. O'Reilly John J. O'Reilly