IEEE-USA was created by IEEE's U.S. membership in 1973 to recommend policies and implement programs "specifically intended to serve and benefit the members, the profession, and the public in the United States in appropriate professional areas of economic, ethical, legislative, social and technology policy concern."  We rely on the time and expertise of hundreds of IEEE U.S. volunteers to help us achieve this mission. If you are interested in IEEE-USA, or in promoting professional activities in your section, chapter, or student branch, and are willing to volunteer your time and energy, we're anxious to get you involved.

Interested in Public Policy?

If you are interested in public policy, visit our Advocacy page and see what issues we're working on and what resources are available.  Visit the Web pages of IEEE-USA's committees and send an email query to the IEEE-USA volunteer and staff information contacts on each page of interest to you.

Like to Write?

IEEE-USA is always on the lookout for content to publish in IEEE-USA InSight, as well as ideas and authors for IEEE-USA E-books.  If you have some IEEE-related news or an issue you'd like to write about in the areas of professional development or public policy, consider publishing with IEEE-USA.  Check out IEEE-USA InSight's editorial guidelines or contact us for more information.

Need to Network?

Have you thought about going into business for yourself?  Then check to see if there is a local IEEE-USA-sponsored consultants or entrepreneurs network in your area.  Getting involved in your local network will let you tap the advice and support of fellow IEEE members with similar interests.

Work with Youth?

If you are concerned about the math, science, and technology literacy of elementary and high school students and willing to invest a little bit of your time and energy, IEEE-USA's K-12 STEM Literacy Activities can help you find out how you can make a difference.

  Important New IEEE Guidelines for Working with Children

IEEE volunteers who participate in IEEE-sponsored activities that include children must complete the required steps at the IEEE Activities with Children page or they will not be authorized to participate in those activities and programs.

Are You an Organizer?

If you prefer to explore opportunities for career-enhancing professional activities in your city, state, or region, then the PACE Network is the place for you.  PACE chairs serve in most U.S. sections and many technical society chapters by organizing professional programs and activities for the membership.  There are also regional PACE coordinators who work with the sections and chapters in their regions on specific topics such as employment assistance, precollege education, professional education, state government activities, student professional awareness and technology policy issues.

Interested in Community Service?

IEEE-USA’s Community Outreach Initiative (The MOVE Project) offers a mobile emergency relief program committed to assisting victims of natural disasters with short-term communications, computer, and power solutions. These temporary emergency relief provisions will help people stay connected and make sure they can access the help they need. Services will include cell phone charging, communications support, and lighting to disaster victims.


The links on this page will get you started.  If you run into a dead-end or need further assistance, then just contact IEEE-USA and let us know how we can help.