February 2022
Join Us for IEEE-USA's Virtual CVD 2022

IEEE-USA's Congressional Visits Day (CVD), to be held 5-6 April, will give U.S. IEEE members an opportunity to meet with lawmakers to raise visibility of and support for engineering and technology. This year's CVD briefings and meetings with congress will be held virtually.

IEEE-USA @ The Big Hoopla

When:  13 - 16 March  |  Dayton, Ohio

IEEE-USA is a proud Silver Sponsor of The Big Hoopla, 13-16 March, in Dayton, which features a series of community and STEM events leading up to the tipoff of the First Four games. In addition to having a booth at The Big Hoopla STEM Challenge, IEEE-USA is supporting the Hoopla Ticket Program for military service members and their families, as well as local students.

Three Surprising Tips for Getting the Most Out of Contentious Conversations
White House Proposes Modest Visa Reforms
Meeting Attendees Play a Crucial Role in Meeting Success
2021 IEEE-USA Awards Honor Six for Service and Excellence
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New E-Book: Engineering Activities for the Classroom - Volume 5: Invention and Entrepreneurship

This e-book gives educators ways to expose students to invention and entrepreneurship. This e-book is FREE to IEEE members.

E-Book: Engineering Activities for the Classroom – Volume 5: Invention and Entrepreneurship

New Audiobook: Critical Thinking Skills for Engineers - Book 3: On Creativity

This new audiobook challenges the notion that engineers lack creativity -- and shows how one can foster creativity; and in doing so, become a better engineer. Download this audiobook FREE by selecting the Audiobook option and clicking "Download mp3."

Audiobook: Critical Thinking Skills for Engineers – Book 3: On Creativity
Webinars, Conferences & Events
Livestream: Bi-Weekly Washington Update

When: 3 March  |  1 PM EST
Presenter: Russ Harrison

*Registration not required*

Webinar: Out of The Maze

Webinar: Out of The Maze

When:  23 March  |  2 PM ET

Webinar: Social Media Power Hour

Webinar: Social Media Power Hour - Amp Up Your Social Skills in 60 Minutes

When:  30 March  |  2 PM ET

Webinar: Job Search Strategies for 2022

On-Demand Webinar: Job Search Strategies for 2022

Webinar: Personal Branding: Increasing Your Career Opportunities

On-Demand Webinar: Personal Branding - Increasing Your Career Opportunities

2022 IEEE-USA Co-Sponsored Conferences & Events
(and/or where IEEE-USA has an Exhibition Booth)
30 Mar - 3 Apr Houston, TX IEEE Green Technologies Conference (GreenTech)
31 Mar - 3 Apr Mobile, AL IEEE SouthEastCon
21 - 23 Apr VIRTUAL IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech)
6 - 9 Jun VIRTUAL IEEE World AI IOT Congress 2022 (AIIOT)
8 - 11 Sep Santa Clara, CA IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
3 - 5 Nov Providence, RI IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Forum East


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