About IEEE-USA’s CVD (5-6 April 2022)

IEEE-USA’s Congressional Visits Day (CVD) is an annual event that brings engineers, scientists, mathematicians, researchers, educators, and technology executives to Washington to raise visibility of and support for engineering and technology. This premier event is open to all IEEE members, especially those who support federal STEM research. The program consists of a series of briefings and meetings, culminating with a full day of visits with your Congressional delegates.

Registration for IEEE-USA’s CVD 2022 is now closed. 

CVD’s Objectives

IEEE-USA’s CVD raises awareness of the long-term importance of engineering and technology to the nation.

The core messages for 2022 are:

  • Sustained investments in technology research are essential to our nation’s the long-term prosperity.
  • Science, Engineering and Technology partnerships between government, universities, and industries mean progress, economic growth and jobs for our Nation.
  • Defense Department research plays a unique and critical role in our nation’s competitiveness.

2022 Training Videos

IEEE-USA will hold three virtual training sessions for this year’s CVD. Each session will be livestreamed, and if you can’t join us live, the recorded sessions will be available for on-demand viewing. Please see dates and times below.

Date/Time Livestream Link
2022 CVD Training – Part 1
Overview, Meeting With Legislators
24 March |  11 AM ET https://bit.ly/2022-cvd-training-1
2022 CVD Training – Part 2
Our Messages to Congress
29 March |  11 AM ET https://bit.ly/2022-cvd-training-2
2022 CVD Training – Part 3
Legislative Update
4 April  |  10 AM ET https://bit.ly/2022-cvd-training-3

Basic Rules for Participants

  • First-time CVD participants are encouraged to attend one of the training sessions that will be scheduled prior to your meetings. Experienced CVD attendees are invited to attend. These training sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants.
  • IEEE-USA will schedule all meetings with your Representative, Senators and/or their staff, based on constituency. Please indicate your approximate availability when you register.
  • Remember that you will be attending all your meetings as part of a team consisting of other IEEE members.
  • If you have connections to legislators other than those you vote for, there may be opportunities for you to participate in additional meetings. However, please be mindful and allow the constituent(s) to lead his/her meeting.
  • Most meetings will be scheduled for April 6th, although some will be earlier or later that week.  Your exact schedule will be determined by your Legislators’ availability.
  • You will want to meet your team members and work on your “message” to legislators prior to your meetings.

Canceling Meetings

It is essential that you notify IEEE-USA immediately if you are unable to make a legislative meeting. Meetings with legislators are contingent on participation by voters and will need to be canceled if you cannot attend. Contact Kayal Henneberry (k.henneberry@ieee.org) if you are unable to attend your meetings.

Soapbox Consulting

IEEE-USA is working with Soapbox Consulting again in 2022. Soapbox will be scheduling your Hill meetings and hosting your virtual meetings through their platform.


CVD is free for all participants.

Dress Code

Video meetings: Also Business Professional Attire


IEEE-USA will be distributing leave-behind and other preparatory materials to you in advance. We will also be posting videos to help prepare you for your meetings starting in March.

Staff Contacts

Russ Harrison
Director, IEEE-USA Government Relations
+1 202-530-8326

Kayla Henneberry
Policy Associate
Government Relations
Phone: 202-530-8356
E-mail: k.henneberry@ieee.org