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  • Your Engineering Heritage: Technology in a Time of Plague

    Just over two months ago, right before the world became aware of the novel coronavirus that was to cause a global pandemic, Walt Disney Pictures—in a move that in hindsight was either brilliant or inappropriate—released a live-action film about an earlier epidemic. Togo tells the story of a lead sled dog who ran a critical leg of a cross-country dash to bring desperately needed medicine to the town of Nome, Alaska, in February 1925, just over 95 years ago. Children’s movie fans will remember this as the same plot as that of a 1995 animated film, Balto, from Steven […]

IEEE-USA MOVE Community Outreach

IEEE-USA’s Community Outreach Initiative (The MOVE Project) offers a mobile emergency relief program committed to assisting victims of natural disasters with short-term communications, computer, and power solutions.

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Free Audiobook Download: Valuable Career Lessons I Learned in Dad’s Workshop — Vol.1: Be Creative; Plan Ahead

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