Nomination Requirements

No, self-nominations are not allowed.

No, you don’t have to be a member for the following Awards

  • The IEEE-USA John Meredith Professional Service Award
  • The IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Public Service
  • The IEEE-USA Harry Diamond Memorial Award
  • The IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering Public Understanding and the Advancement of the Engineering Profession

Yes, you have to be an active member of IEEE-USA for the following Awards

  • The IEEE-USA Robert S. Walleigh Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism Award
  • The IEEE-USA George F. McClure Citation of Honor
  • The IEEE-USA Entrepreneur Achievement Award for Leadership in Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • The IEEE-USA Jim Watson Student Professional Awareness Achievement Award

The K-12 STEM Educator-Engineer Partnership Award recognizes partnership efforts between an engineer (IEEE membership required ) and an educator (IEEE membership not required).

No, you don’t have to be an IEEE member to nominate.

Every award nomination must have at least two endorsements for the nomination to be considered complete (the nominator is not considered an endorser). More than two endorsements are allowed.

Yes, you can submit people for multiple awards, however, the committee can also consider nominations for awards other than the ones they were submitted for.

Yes, one nominator can nominate more than one award.

The K-12 STEM Educator-Engineer Partnership award is for a team effort. Other awards are for individuals only, but in special circumstances that may be considered.

Nomination Content

Include as much information as possible since the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee will only evaluate candidates based on information submitted in the nomination.

Previous award winners are listed on the IEEE-USA website as well as in the IEEE-USA Awards Manual.

No, you can add more things to the nominations up until the 15 September deadline.

New feature for the 2024 Awards Program: If you’d like to re-nominate a candidate from a previous year, we have made it easier! Nominators from 2023 can now roll the information forward to 2024 and edit it as necessary. Please reach out to Leah Laird at to receive a link to access, rollover and edit your 2023 nomination. 

Reach out to Daryll Griffin (, +1 202-530-8337).

Professionalism is the advancement of the standing of the members of the professions it serves. Examples include:

  • General education to give visibility to engineering profession
  • Conduct and publication of surveys and reports on matters of professional concern
  • Collaboration with public bodies and with other societies for the benefit of the engineering professions as a whole
  • Establishment of standards of qualification
  • Establishment of standards of ethical conduct in engineering
  • Constructive application of technology to enhance the quality of life

Technical activities are more for specific technical contribution to an IEEE field of interest and awards are administered through individual societies.

Any individual who has received one of the IEEE-USA Awards is then ineligible from being considered for that same award in subsequent years,

Judging and Criteria

The nominations are reviewed by the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee and are approved by the IEEE-USA Board of Directors.

The deadline is 15 September (unless otherwise specified) and nominations can be for the current or the previous year, as long as the work is complete. Long-term awards are focused on work that spanned longer than current or previous year.

Award Information

Yes, some awards can have multiple awardees. Please refer to the IEEE-USA Awards Manual for details.

Engraved awards are presented at events identified as appropriate for presentation. There are no monetary awards. Awardees are notified in January of the following year.

No, feedback will not be provided. We will only contact the award winners.

Staff Contacts:


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Sr. Marketing & Communications Specialist, IEEE-USA

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Jonathon Choe

Social Media Associate, IEEE-USA

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