People with analytical skills can examine information, and then understand what it means, and what it represents. That aptitude allows for much richer, better solutions to real-world challenges.

Critical Thinking for Engineers – Book 1: Analytical Skills



Make the most of the “one-on-one” to help develop and increase communication, as well as promote feedback, between managers and employees.

So, How Are Things Going? Making the Most of One-on-Ones with Your Manager

In IEEE-USA’s latest Women in Engineering e-book, Alice F. Squires shares her vision: “To be successful working together as a team of equals.”

Women in Engineering - Book 21: Dandelion Wishes

In a highly competitive economy, creativity is rocket fuel. It’s important to the health and vigor of your project team, and to your company.

Boosting Team Creativity

Tips and pointers for students and young professionals about the world of work to help ease the transition from the world of books and courses to the globally competitive workforce.

Transitioning from Student to Engineer

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