IEEE-USA is my Competitive Edge

IEEE-USA’s series of short, high-quality videos profiles a handful of rock stars from the profession, and highlights what their IEEE membership means to them personally and professionally. The common thread that emerged during the production of the videos is that “IEEE-USA is my Competitive Edge.”

“That’s why I’ve been involved with IEEE-USA, I want to see more kids get excited about engineering.”

Kyle Wiens

Chief Executive Officer, iFixit

Fixing the world, one device at a time, iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens is a strong advocate for right to repair and sustainable electronics. His interests and specialties include scalable web architectures, entrepreneurship, building things, taking apart things, and taking care of the repair family.

“Anyone can get involved with IEEE-USA at any time, there’s an immense amount of value for anyone at any career stage.”

Ayanna Howard

American Roboticist, entrepreneur and educator
Dean, The Ohio State University School of Engineering

Ayanna Howard began her “dream career” as a summer intern at NASA. That internship led to a job with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she successfully developed a Mars rover with artificial intelligence to explore Martian terrain, and collect and analyze data. More recently, Howard has been working to combine her interests in robotics and artificial intelligence to design and create robots that can help children with disabilities — a goal she’s had since she watched “The Bionic Woman” at age eleven. Howard is currently dean of The Ohio State University College of Engineering.

“IEEE-USA is more than just a network, it’s a family.”

Paige Kassalen

Chief of Staff, Saab, Inc.

Paige Kassalen has the kind of resume that most engineers dream about. She’s been featured in everything from Forbes to Glamour for her work on the world’s first solar powered plane. Kassalen was the only female engineer on the plane’s round-world trip, and her achievements earned her a place on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

“I have been able to leverage IEEE-USA to be in the leading edge of my industry.”

Abdur Rehman

Supervisor of Substation Relay Operations, Puget Sound Energy

At Puget Sound Energy in Seattle, Washington, Abdur Rehman leads a workforce of 17 incredible people, including 15 Relay Technicians and two engineers who maintain, commission and troubleshoot Power System Intelligent electronic devices.

Megan Culler

Electrical Engineer, Idaho National Lab

Leo Szeto

Director of Controls & Electrical Engineering, Nusano