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Local Networks (by State)

The following is a directory of web sites and principal contacts, where available, for each of the local IEEE Consultants Networks in the United States. Contact Daryll Griffin if you have any questions or have updated information that you would like posted. You may also view a listing of local Networks, grouped by IEEE Region.

Notice and Disclaimer: In providing contact information for IEEE Consultant Networks, IEEE-USA makes no representation regarding the experience, competency, or qualifications of individual IEEE members or others who offer their services as consultants.

State Listings of Local IEEE Consultants | See also: Networks by IEEE Region
Alaska Kentucky Ohio
Alabama Louisiana Oklahoma
Arizona Maine Oregon
Arkansas Maryland Pennsylvania
California Massachusetts Rhode Island
Colorado Michigan South Carolina
Connecticut Minnesota South Dakota
D.C. (National Capitol Area) Mississippi Tennessee
Delaware Missouri Texas
Florida Montana Utah
Georgia Nebraska Vermont
Hawaii Nevada Virginia
Jamaica New Hampshire Washington
Idaho New Jersey West Virginia
Illinois New Mexico Wisconsin
Indiana New York Wyoming
Iowa North Carolina  
Kansas North Dakota  

CALIFORNIA                                                                                              top of page
Los Angeles Area Consultants Network
Chair: Raja Singh
Consultants Network of Silicon Valley

Chair: Mike Gershowitz, PE
Gershowitz Consulting
4620 Noyo River CT.
San Jose, CA 95136
(O) 408-623-6837


Orange County Consultants Network

Chair:Wes Masenten

San Diego Consultants Network
Chair: Alfonso Limon
1902 Wright Pl, Suite 200
Carlsbad CA,92008

(O) 760-918-5730
(C) 909-630-1536
Denver Section Consultants Network
Chair: Raymond Lucchesi
CONNECTICUT                                                                                           top of page
IEEE Consultants Network of Connecticut

Chair: Gary Felberbaum

FLORIDA                                                                                                    top of page
IEEE Melbourne Section - Consultants Network Affinity Group Chair: Raul Ortega
2300 Andrea Court
(C) 321-474-4508
Orlando Section Consultants Network Affinty Group

Chair: Vacant

IEEE Florida West Coast Section Consultants’ Network Affinity Group

Chair: Hermann Amaya
1448 73rd Circle, NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33702
(O) 727-543-1308

ILLINOIS                                                                                                    top of page
IEEE Chicago/Rockford Consultant's Network
Chair: Roy Leventhal
INDIANA                                                                                                    top of page

Central Indiana Engineering Consultants' Network (CIECN)

Co-Chair: William R. Kassebaum, PE
5782 Liberty Creek Dr. E.
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(O) 317-225-4126

IOWA                                                                                                        top of page
Cedar Rapids Eastern Iowa Consultants Networks Chair: Daniel Roesler
JAMAICA                                                                                                   top of page
IEEE Jamaica Section Consultants Network Affinity Group Chair: Dr. Halden Morris
MISSOURI                                                                                                  top of page
IEEE Kansas City Consultants Network
Chair: David Nall
C: (732) 244-8895
MARYLAND                                                                                                top of page

IEEE Baltimore Section Consultants Network

Chair: Vacant
(See Washington, DC National Capital Area Consultants Network for Maryland Consultants)  
MASSACHUSETTS                                                                                       top of page
Berkshire Consultants Network Chair: Richard Kolodziejczyk
(H) 413-655-2623
Boston Section of the IEEE Consultants Network
Chair: Heinz Bachmann
(O) 978-637-2070
IEEE Worcester County Section Consultants NetworK Chair: Craig Goldman
11 Woodcrest Road
Westborough, MA 01581
(O) 508-366-9552
MICHIGAN                                                                                                top of page
IEEE West Michigan Consultants Network

Chair: Chuck Parks
Vice-chair: Bob Houskamp
Secretary: Otto Muller

South Eastern Michigan Consultants Affinity Group Chair: Jacob Beningo
Minnesota                                                                                                top of page
IEEE Southern Minnesota Consultants Network Chair: Steve Kerchberger

Ron Jensen
IEEE Consultant's Network of the Twin Cities Chair: Steven James
NEW HAMPSHIRE                                                                                   top of page
IEEE New Hampshire Section Consultants Network

Chair:Ray Barrett

NEW JERSEY                                                                                             top of page
Princeton/Central Jersey Consultants Network Chair: Star Willmarth
New Jersey Coast Consultants Network
Chair: Manuel Fuentes
Northern New Jersey Network
Chair: Steven Garfinkel

Contact: Robert D. Walker, P.E.
770 Westbrook Road
West Milford, NJ 07480
(O) 973-728-0344
(F) 973/728-1351

NEW YORK                                                                                                top of page
Long Island Consultants Network

Chair: Andrew Baxt
(O) 561-929-4092

New York Section Consultants Network Chair: Marty Izaak
NORTH CAROLINA                                                                                      top of page
Western North Carolina

Chair: A.J. Burke

OHIO                                                                                                         top of page
Miami Valley Consultants Network (Dayton)   Chair: Joseph P. Martino
905 South Main Avenue
Sidney, OH 45365.
(O) 937-492-4729
(F) 937-492-0160
OREGON                                                                                                    top of page

Oregon IEEE Consultants Network

Chair: Patrick H. Barrett, PE
Barrett & Assoc. Engineering
7410 SW Oleson Road #205
Portland, OR 97223
(O) 503-245-0325
PENNSYLVANIA                                                                                         top of page

Philadelphia Consultants Network

Currently the Network is not active

IEEE Pittsburgh Section Consultants Network

Chair: Nigel McQuin
Co-Chair & Web Master: George Crawford
TEXAS                                                                                                       top of page
Dallas Consultants Network

Chair: Maura Schreier-Fleming

Central Texas Consultants Network
Chair: Bill Martino
IEEE Galveston Bay Section Consultants Network Affinity Group Chair: Zafar Taqvi
IEEE Houston Section Consultants Network Affinity Group

Chair: Tommy Cooper, PE
Cooper Consulting Service
211 E. Parkwood Ave. Suite 200
Friendswood, TX 77546
281-482-9786 office
832-385-4884 cell

Panhandle Affinity Group Consultants Network Chair: Tracy Harlow
VIRGINIA                                                                                                   top of page

(See Washington, DC National Capital Area Consultants Network for Northern Virginia Consultants)
WASHINGTON (DC)                                                                                    top of page
National Capitol Area Consultants Network

Chair: Wally Lee

Washington (Seattle)                                                                                 top of page

Seattle Consultants Network

Paul J. Kostek
8014 Stroud Avenue N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(O) 206-915-6645

WISCONSIN                                                                                               top of page
Madison Consultants Network

Chair:Tom Kaminski
842 Woodrow Street
Madison, WI 53711
(O) 608-233-1845
(C) 608-217-3327


 IEEE Regions 7-10                                                                                   top of page

Ottawa Section Consultants Network

Chair: Bhagvat Joshi
Vice-Chair: Michael Bourassa

IEEE Vancouver Consultants Network

Chair: Scott Tully

Colombia Section Consultants Network Affinity Group

Chair: Fernando Ramirez

Dehli Section Affinity Group, CN Chair: Ravi K. Aggarwal
IEEE Kerala Section Consultants Network Chair: Amarnath Raja

IEEE Malaysia Section Consultants Network

Chair: Borhanuddin Mohd Ali
IEEE Lahore Section Consultants Network Chair: Ghalib Shah

For more information on IEEE-USA's Consultant Services, the Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee, or how to start your own local IEEE Consultants Network, contact:

Daryll Griffin
2001 L Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036-5104
(Office) 202/530-8337
(Fax) 202/785-0835

Updated:23 January 2017
Contact: Daryll Griffin,


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