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Policy Log Archive

The following is the chronological log of public policy communications made by or on behalf of IEEE-USA (and other organizational units with IEEE), including testimonies, statements submitted for the record of congressional hearings, formal comments provided in response to public or regulatory notices, letters to Federal policy makers forwarding recommendations on public policy issues, [...]

Giving Opportunities

IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of IEEE. created in 1973 to support the careers and public policy interests of IEEE's U.S. members. Our programs are supported through a special assessment of IEEE’s U.S. members, through sales of products and services, and through the generosity of members and others who make gifts and contributions. IEEE-USA [...]


SUMMER 2024 PROGRAM UPDATE Due to increasing costs and changes among the sponsoring societies, the WISE Program will not be offered in 2024. Stay tuned for updates as the program hopes to return in 2025. Overview Each year, the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) sponsoring [...]

Engineering & International Development (USAID) FAQ’s

General Information Fellows accept one-year assignments to work in of the offices the U.S. Agency for International Development. Fellows are not "employees" of IEEE. Fellows are treated as the equivalent of regular agency staff in terms of assignments and responsibilities. The fellow independently - but while working with USAID staff during a week [...]

Engineering & Diplomacy Fellowship FAQ’s

General Information Fellows accept one-year assignments to work in of the offices or bureaus of the U.S. Department of State. Fellows are not "employees" of IEEE, but they are considered employees of the State Department under under 5 USC 3109. Fellows are treated as the equivalent of regular staff in terms of assignments [...]

Congressional Fellowship FAQs

General Information Fellows accept one-year assignments to work on the staff of a Member of Congress or a congressional committee. Fellows are not "employees" of Congress or of IEEE, but are treated as equivalent to congressional staffers (e.g., legislative assistants) in terms of assignments and responsibility. Following the annual AAAS fellows training in September, [...]

Engineering & Diplomacy Fellowship: U.S. Department of State

Overview In an October 1999 report, the National Research Council concluded that, "the U.S. Department of State needs the capability to understand how technological factors influence political and economic developments." In its 15 May 2000 response, the U.S. Department of State recognized, "the growing significance of science and technology-based issues in foreign policy and is [...]

Congressional Fellowships

Overview IEEE-USA created the Congressional Fellowship program in 1973 to: to enable IEEE’s U.S. member to make practical contributions to the public policy process, promoting more effective use of scientific and technical knowledge in the U.S. government; to help educate the scientific and engineering community on the public policy process; and to broaden [...]

Policy Committees

IEEE-USA entities chartered with a government relations mission have been invited to develop their own home page to provide information on their operations and the public policy issues or programs that they address: Ad Hoc Committees Washington Internships (WISE) Task Force (ad hoc) Local Government Activities (Ad Hoc) Career & Workforce Policy [...]


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