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Dan Clein


Technology is making work less and less personal, while the role of human capital grows more critical. Employees are facing new problems, and employers are still playing catch-up on diversity, inclusion, attracting talent, and supporting employees outside of work hours. Modern organizations are struggling at every level and in every department to focus more on the people that work there, even as they recognize the growing need and prioritize it.

The Unorthodox Manager introduces a wide-ranging managerial approach that will arm readers with outside-the-box principles that enable “boots on the ground” managers to build their own best methods given any circumstances, rather than strictly following corporate policies. Through this webinar, IEEE Member and author Dan Clein, will provide an overview of the “The Unorthodox Manager” while sharing personal stories, lessons and secrets of managing modern multicultural teams that get things done.


About the Presenter

During his thirty-five years in the high-tech industry, Dan Clein has managed people from a range of cultural backgrounds and professional experience across four countries. In that time, he attended countless management training courses and events, from which he always found something new to learn. But in those same years managing people and teams across multiple countries, time zones, and cultures, and all the considerations that come with that, he also dealt with countless issues that no management course ever touched on or prepared him for.

In 1999 he wrote “CMOS IC Layout: Concepts Methodologies and Tools” which distilled all of his personal knowledge of how to train people in the IC Layout profession. It quickly became the industry standard and a textbook and reference for university courses, eventually being translated into Chinese and Korean. After spending more time managing big projects and big distributed teams he decided to write his second book; “The UNORTHODOX Manager”, to share a part of people management that he felt was missing in standardized management training.

He is a Canadian, Israeli, and Romanian citizen who speaks English, Hebrew, French and Romanian. He enjoys challenging people creatively and training generally, helping them with everything from hardware and software implementations to making killer espresso. Since 2019 he’s begun to share his knowledge full time by providing business consultancies, training courses in management and VLSI Implementation, and writing books.

Dan’s next books related to technological and management expertise are planned for release in 2022. One is a revision of the “CMOS IC Layout Concepts Methodologies and Tools”, including new technological advancements in chip design technology.
The second book is “Performance Management” specific for the VLSI domain, a complementary book that should help next generation managers and leaders learn and understand what has to be done to manage projects, teams and individuals successfully while increasing team productivity. He has designed and developed IC Layout training courses in Canada, taught at Carleton University, and mentored and coached a lot of team leaders and managers in different countries.

Dan Clein lives in Ottawa with Emilia, his high school sweetheart and wife of forty-two years. They have two children. Today, Dan can be found writing, coaching and collaborating with people from VLSI domain and business management around the world.


COMET-IC Consulting (https://www.comet-ic.com/)

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