Working Remotely — Staying on Track

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Sherri Edwards


Many people are continuing to make adjustments in how they accomplish their work. If this is your first experience working remotely, you may have expected the obvious accessibility challenges that have probably been remedied by now.  Little did you know, technology access was just the half of it. You may now be facing challenges you hadn’t anticipated.

This 30-minute presentation will cover how to get a handle on your new circumstances. We’ll address how to stay productive by:

  • Getting focused
  • Setting boundaries and managing distractions
  • Establishing goals and planning ahead
  • Managing your own performance
  • Developing effective habits

About The Presenter

Sherri Edwards has led Resource Maximizer since 1997, empowering individuals to find rewarding work and businesses to build better workplaces. She offers coaching services for individuals pursuing a career change or those needing guidance in moving their careers to the next level. Her clients learn how to identify their workplace demand and value, and how to market themselves effectively to obtain the type of work that fuels their passions and allows them to live their dreams. Sherri’s comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the job market and workplace from both the candidate/employee and employer perspectives, helps her serve as a bridge-builder over the hectic waters that separate the two.

Sherri has appeared on television and radio, has been quoted or published in newspapers nationwide and through several online media channels. She has also presented at job fairs, retreats and conventions, delivering her knowledge and motivating attendees for more than 20 years.

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