Engineering Coloring Book for Kids

Award-winning Jumble cartoonist Jeff Knurek has created an engineering coloring book designed specifically to introduce kids to engineering.

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Public Speaking for Engineers—
Say It Loud and Proud

Public speaking is the key to all other leadership skills—indispensable to those who aspire to the senior management positions in their companies.

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Women in Engineering – Book 19:
An Engineer by Opportunity

Michelle Nanney’s career path has never been a straight line—it has had a lot of zigs and zags. However, that path has also yielded many opportunities for different positions in a variety of industries.

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Abigail and the Fish Tree

IEEE members may download a free audio version (MP3) of this eBook by right clicking here.
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Valuable Career Lessons
I Learned in Dad’s Workshop
Vol. 2: Be Responsible,
Communicate and Keep Learning

Continue on the author Harry T. Roman’s journey, as he recounts the life lessons he learned, from childhood to adult, working with his Father in their basement workshop.

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Flagship Publication: IEEE-USA InSight

Are you reading our flagship publication, IEEE-USA InSight? IEEE-USA InSight replaced Today's Engineer in 2015, but not everyone knows that this is the best place to find timely and useful articles on careers and public policy, as well as all the latest happenings at IEEE-USA.

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IEEE-USA e-Books

IEEE-USA E-Books offer a convenient way to brush up on career and policy issues. Choose from titles in a number of categories, including: careers, public policy, financial planning, innovation and more. Some titles are available as free member downloads, and most are available at heavily discounted member rates. Visit our shop for the full catalog. More information about our e-books program can be found here.

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Follow IEEE-USA on Social Media

IEEE-USA's TwitterFacebookInstagramSnapchat and LinkedIn profiles to help U.S. IEEE members follow the organization's activities and stay apprised of news and events impacting their careers and the profession.

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Promotional Video: 'Putting the I in IEEE-USA'

IEEE-USA has been striving for more than 40 years to support the professional interests of U.S. IEEE members. How we do that is captured in a video, "Putting the I in IEEE-USA," where you will find the "I" in IEEE-USA is all about you.

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