2009 Listings

Here's a list of IEEE-USA citations in various media publications. In some cases, the text of the article has been reprinted. Note: Due to the nature of the Internet, some of the links may have expired or require a password.

4th Quarter

What Is a Patent? Join the Debate
EE Times
6 November 2009
Study: No Shortage of U.S. Engineers
BusinessWeek, MSNBC
28 October 2009
Engineers Give Back 2008 Gains in 2009
Electronic Design
22 October 2009
U.S. Engineers Jobs Status
Techgoss (Australia)
9 October 2009
IEEE Gives Mixed Employment Report for Software Engineers, Computer Scientists
Software Development Times
8 October 2009
IEEE Celebrates 2009 Nobel Prize Winners
Reuters via PR Newswire
7 October 2009
IEEE-USA Helps Produce More Than Three-Dozen TV News Reports on Technologies that Benefit Humanity
The Earth Times
7 October 2009
Third Quarter Unemployment Datat Show Mixed Trends
Engineering Daily
7 October 2009
Software Engineering Jobs Decline - Slightly
7 October 2009
Technical Papers Sought for Green Technology Conference
ThomasNet News
5 October 2009
Positive Signs for Manufacturing Continue
Control Engineering
2 October 2009

3rd Quarter

IEEE-USA to Offer Three Career-Enhancement Sessions During International Text Conference
Reuters via PR Newswire
8 September 2009
Recession Doesn't Stop High-Tech Job Outsourcing
American Economic Alert
20 August 2009
Kappos Sketches Out Plans for Patent Office
EE Times
30 July 2009
Scientist Shortage? Maybe Not
USA Today
9 July 2009
EE Unemployment Rate Soars to New Record
Houston Business Journal via PR Newswire
7 July 2009
EE Unemployment Soared in Second Quarter to 8.6%
EE Times
7 July 2009
Electical Engineers See Job Losses at Record Levels
7 July 2009
What Engineering Shortage?
The Bent of Tau Beta Pi
Summer 2009

2nd Quarter

Former IEEE-USA Congressional Fellow Hired as VP of Technology Management at DBS
Defined Business Solutions via PR Newswire
23 June 2009
SBA and IEEE-USA Partner to Promote Innovation, Job Growth
Dallas Morning News via Business Wire
23 June 2009
Why More Engineers Are Losing Jobs
Marketplace Radio
17 June 2009
Use Craigslist to Market ... Yourself (Blog on IEEE Consultants Network of Silicon Valley
13 June 2009
Professionals Launch New Org to Defend Integrity at Work
Union City
22 May 2009
TopCoder Announces 2009 TopCoder Open Onsite Competitors
Earth Times
14 May 2009
ASME Pushes for Government Action on a National Energy Policy
Transmission & Distribution World
12 May 2009
IBM Should Reveal Truth About Engineering Layoffs
EE Times India
6 May 2009
Tech Jobs Hammered by Recession
San Jose Mercury News
13 April 2009
Kaufman Influenced New National Program
Delaware News Journal
25 April 2009
IEEE-USA Becomes Sponsor of 2009 TopCoder Open
TopCoder, Inc.
9 April 2009
Unemployment's Impact on H-1B Visas
ThomasNet Industrial News Room
8 April 2009
Feds Count H-1B Applications as Engineering Unemployment Spikes
7 April 2009
High-Tech Hit Hard by Unemployment
National Journal Tech Daily Dose
6 April 2009
Unemployment Among EEs Jumped in Q1
EE Times
6 April 2009
Engineer Unemployment Rate Spikes
Network World
6 April 2009

1st Quarter

Work-Visa Numbers Get Squishy -- and Get Played
The Wall Street Journal
31 March 2009
Top U.S. Companies Expect Fewer Worker Visas Amid Downturn
30 March 2009
To Outsource or Not to Outsource
EE Times India
12 March 2009
Stimulus: U.S. to Outline Broadband Initiative
EE Times
6 March 2009
Bexley, Ohio Students Win Future City Competition
Environmental Protection
26 February 2009
Defense Official Became Space Tourism Sponsor
The Washington Post
19 February 2009
Stimulus Plan to Create Millions of Jobs, but What Type and Who Will Qualify?
The Journal Star
14 February 2009
Where Will Stimulus Bring Jobs?
The Wall Street Journal
8 February 2009