Perspectives on the Management of Technology

Perspectives on the Management of Technology

In Perspectives on the Management of Technology, IEEE Technology Management Council President’Gus Gaynor provides an overview of the discipline of Management of Technology (MOT), including general background, current status of MOT, steps needed to develop MOT as a recognized academic discipline and provide a positive impact on industry operations. Managing any professional is an oxymoron. Why? Because it’s difficult, if not impossible, to manage knowledge workers (in the classical sense) who are hired to demonstrate their thinking, their creativity, and their dedication in developing new products, new services and new processes. The best any manager can do is manage the activities of technology professionals and the interaction with other professionals in meeting organizational objectives. Technology managers must differentiate between managing technology professionals and managing their activities. What does this technology manager and technology professional relationship have to do with managing technology? Managing technology goes far beyond managing engineering operations: it requires a change in the mindset of the technology professionals and their managers; both need to expand their roles in meeting organizational results.

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Author: Gaynor, G.

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