Jim Watson Student Professional Awareness Achievement Award


To recognize key individuals for their contributions to Student Professional Awareness Achievement Activities in the United States.

Form of Recognition

Specially engraved award.


Up to one award annually. No team nominations will be accepted.


Members of the engineering profession or related IEEE fields of interest and students of science, engineering or related IEEE fields of interest in the United States.

No current member of the IEEE Board of Directors, the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee, voting members of the IEEE-USA Student Professional Awareness Committee, or IEEE staff may be candidates, or nominate or endorse candidates for this award.


Following are the criteria against which candidates for the award should be measured. Nominees need not meet every criterion; the following are guidelines for comparison of the pool of nominees:

  1. Approximate number of students and/or events impacted by this individual
  2. Demonstrated service towards student-professional awareness activities
  3. Demonstrated success in turning student volunteers into active member grade volunteers

Basis for Judging

The IEEE-USA Student Professional Awareness Activities Committee (SPAC) will review all award nominations and provide a recommendation to the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC). IEEE-USA ARC may approve the recommendation, disapprove the recommendation, or may approve another candidate. If IEEE-USA ARC does not approve the SPAC recommendation, IEEE-USA ARC will provide written notification and rationale to SPAC and will allow SPAC 1 week to provide IEEE-USA further details on SPAC’s recommendation. The decision of the IEEE-USA ARC will then be final, subject to the approval by the IEEE-USA Board of Directors.


Presentation of the award shall normally be made by the President of IEEE-USA or designee at major IEEE-USA conferences, such as the IEEE-USA Annual Meeting.


The nominations for the IEEE-USA Jim Watson Student Professional Awareness Achievement Award are open to all IEEE members. Nominations may be submitted any time prior to the nomination deadline by completing the form on the online nomination portal.

Staff Contacts:


Leah Laird

Sr. Marketing & Communications Specialist, IEEE-USA

202-530-8328 | l.laird@ieee.org


Jonathon Choe

Social Media Associate, IEEE-USA

202-530-8363 | j.choe@ieee.org