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Laura Burford


How do I avoid the pitfalls to be compensated appropriately? 

Successful consultants know how to determine the right price to charge for their services.  But how does a consultant determine that right price so that they successfully make money and grow a business?

There are five basic pricing strategies that a consultant can use:

  • Time and Expense
  • Fixed Price
  • Value-Based
  • Risk-Reward
  • Retainer

Each pricing strategy has pros and cons and there are appropriate times to use one strategy over another.  Determining the right strategy to use for a particular engagement requires the consultant to consider factors such as the engagement itself, pricing requests of the client, and risk to the consultant.

This presentation discusses the pros and cons of the five pricing strategies, when to use one approach over another, and common consulting pricing mistakes.  By being familiar with the various strategies, a consultant is better positioned to determine what is the right price to charge for their service enabling them to build a successful consulting business.

About the Presenter

Laura Burford is a Business Advisor for Independent Consultants/Contractors and Boutique Consulting Businesses.  She leverages her thirty plus years of consulting experience and expertise by partnering with consultants helping them clarify their focus, get clients, and make money.  Laura does it with the help of her Consultancy Model© and her Signature System, the Consulting Jumpstart Blueprint©.

In addition to being a business advisor, Laura is an author, speaker, and educator.  For more on Laura, check out her educational website, Laura’s Consulting Guide, consider subscribing to her Consulting YouTube channel, follow her blog articles on Medium, and check out her 2013 Small Business Book of the year, Project Management for Flat Organizations.


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