Career Transitioning 101

  • Author: Dr. Robert Danielle Career Transitioning 101—Book 4: Tell Me About Yourself focuses on building your personal brand: why it is important; its benefits; and how to build and maintain your brand.

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  • In this e-book, the author explores ageism through multiple lenses, with the intent to raise situational and organizational awareness — as well as provide pathways to hope and prosperity, by sharing strategies to help combat the challenges facing older workers. Many of the scenarios shared come from his own personal experiences, with the remainder coming from friends, colleagues, and research he has conducted over the years. He also examines age-related perceptions, some beginning in the 40s, that result in damaging, self-fulfilling prophecies — sabotaging any chance for workplace satisfaction, or career success. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • In the second book of the IEEE-USA Career Transitioning series, author Dr. Robert Danielle takes a look at opportunity. He explores how taking a chance – instead of passing one up – can make all the difference in progressing along a successful career path. Dr. Danielle helps readers identify what might be an opportunity; gain a better understanding of one; and put themselves in a better position to make an informed go (or no-go) decision about pursuing it. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • Author: Dr. Robert Danielle  |  Download FREE audiobook To help put you on the right path, this book covers practical and successful strategies you can take in the very early stages of the career transitioning process. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99


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