• This report on the sixth IEEE-USA Unemployed Members Survey provides a comprehensive portrait of IEEE’s unemployed U.S. membership and offers insights into the causes, and remedies, for loss of employment among technical professionals. The first section reports the percentage distribution or means response for each of the questions in the survey. The second reports the results of selected cross tabulations that focus on age and various aspects of employment status. The third reports the results of a multivariate analysis that focuses on the impact of age on the duration of unemployment when other factors are held constant. The final section compares some of the current results to those in 1995, 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2004. Member: FREE Non-Member: $4.99
  • As a consultant is preparing a proposal or negotiating a contract, one of the primary concerns is deciding how much to charge. To establish a fixed price or a fee that is both competitive and fair, the consultant needs to know what other consultants working in similar fields charge. In response to this need, the Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks (AICN) conducts national fee surveys of its members. This report on the IEEE-USA 2006 Consultants Fee Survey provides the profile of typical self-employed and independent technical consultants, including their education, experience, business practices, median earnings and hourly fee. Member: $4.79 Non-Member: $5.99
  • In today's policy arena, some policy-makers take the advice of those with the most valid arguments and evidence, while others take the advice of those with the loudest and sometimes most controversial voices. This e-book attempts to fuse the two viewpoints, so that those with the most valid and well-supported arguments may be heard more clearly, allowing engineers to have their arguments heard, and most importantly, properly understood by present and future policy-makers. Member: FREE Non-Member: $5.99
  • This e-book explains how to determine, and obtain your full value as a technical professional employee. Topics covered include how to benchmark your pay, negotiation strategies, the importance on non-salary compensation, how to evaluate a salary offer, and more. Member: FREE Non-Member: $5.99
  • his e-book provides everything you need to know about creating and using resumes and cover letters, traditional to digital-age, in a convenient, easy-to-read format. Before you sit down to update your resume, learn the basics about format, content and delivery. Plus, how to avoid common blunders, and how to follow-up. This short primer will shorten the distance between you and your next great job! Member: FREE Non-Member: $5.99
  • This e-book provides a road map for the student preparing to enter the job market, what employers are looking for, how they will find you, how you can best find them, and what career paths are open to you as a new grad. Member: FREE Non-Member: $5.99
  • The strength of our nation will always be dependent on having highly competent and dedicated engineering and science professionals. We can enhance future economic strength by nurturing employer-employee relationships that will help retain and motivate experienced engineers, and will also continue to attract new talent. These IEEE-USA-developed Guidelines can help employers and employees to understand clearly and fully the conditions in the workplace of the current and coming years, and they can provide guidance toward behavior that will be beneficial to the country and the engineering profession. Regular discussion of these Guidelines among employers, managers, human resources personnel and engineers will provide a basis for enhancing their working relationships and will lead to good communication and cooperation in the workplace. Members: FREE Non-Members: $5.99
  • This how-to guide provides the language and process of strategy with the basic tools needed to understand and implement it. It intends to provide an accessible guide to strategy for non-strategists in high-technology companies. It may also provide enough guidance to set non-strategists on the road to becoming effective strategists. The guidebook's goal is not to provide you with answers to what good strategy looks like, but rather to show the processes and frameworks that enable strategists to create and implement good strategy. The book is structured into three sections that reflect the steps of the strategy process: analysis, synthesis and action. Members: FREE Non-Members: $5.99
  • This lively and easy-to-read manual gives you everything you need to know to make a positive impact on Congressional policy. Chapters cover the hows and whys of emailing, letter-writing, Congressional visits, politics and the press, campaign volunteering and contributing, and more. Learn how communicating with Congress can benefit you, your profession, and our democracy -- and how IEEE-USA's grassroots network can support your own efforts to become an effective citizen lobbyist. Members: FREE Non-Members: $5.99
  • What do you want from your work and your career? Whatever your career goals and interests, this planning tool will help you achieve greater satisfaction and make more of an impact at work. Because your career values and goals are unique, you are the only person qualified to determine the course of action that will best suit your interests. This guide will help you identify and tailor solutions to your unique needs, goals and work situation. Members: FREE Non-Members: $5.99
  • Development of a National Health Information Network (NHIN) has been proposed as a means of providing secure and reliable transport of healthcare information. Developed by members of IEEE-USA's Medical Technology Policy Committee Interoperability Working Group, this white paper outlines a definition of interoperability for the NHIN, discusses the role of standards in guaranteeing interoperability, and provides a taxonomy of standards for developing the NHIN. Member: FREE Non-Member: $5.99
  • A raging battle exists between market pressures, technical necessities and policy priorities when it comes to modern energy and electricity sectors. Engineers, economists and policy specialists must all be knowledgeable about all sides of the fray to come to a peaceful resolution , as the vital American energy infrastructure , the lifeblood of our society , depends on it. This eBook provides detailed analysis of The Energy Policy Act of 2005. Member: FREE Non-Member: $5.99
  • RFID is rapidly becoming the enabling technology of the 21st Century. RFID is ra, based on a white paper by the IEEE-USA Committee on Communications and Information Policy, dated 21 November 2005, idly becoming the enabling technology of the 21st Century. This eBook, based on a white paper by the IEEE-USA Committee on Communications and Information Policy, dated 21 November 2005, provides a basic introduction to RFID technology and surveys the current state of its implementation. Member: FREE Non-Member: $5.99
  • IEEE-USA's first eBook puts 65 pages of content for consultants right at your fingertips. Access information on how to start a local consultants network; how to make sure you get paid for your work; how to make the transition from marketing to paid consulting; IEEE-USA's 2004 Profile of Consultants; and a sample consulting contract. Read it online, or print it to keep with your reference books. Members: FREE Non-Members: $5.99


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