About This Year's CVD

Our CVD will be a bit different in 2021.

Because travel to Washington is still difficult (and probably unwise), this year’s CVD will be virtual. Instead of traveling to Washington, participants will meet with their legislators at their local legislative offices, by video conference, or by conference call, depending on your location.

This change is necessary, but it is also an opportunity. Because nobody can travel to Washington, your legislators will not expect you to. In fact, IEEE-USA has learned that many legislative offices are having difficulty communicating with their voters because they can’t do face-to-face meetings. This means that our meetings will be especially valuable, and appreciated, this year.

What's Different This Year

IEEE-USA will be arranging meetings for CVD participants with all three of their legislators in Washington, both Senators and your Representative. We will give the legislators the option of holding the meeting in-person at their local office (not in DC), or electronically. We expect most of these meetings to be conference calls, but in-person meetings are still possible in some parts of the country, so we want to leave that option on the table.

Meetings will be scheduled for 14 April.* IEEE-USA will coordinate the specific schedule with you and your local team of volunteers.

Everything else will be the same. Teams of volunteers from your local community will meet with your legislators to introduce yourselves to your elected leaders, to explain what IEEE is and what you do, and discuss IEEE-USA’s legislative priorities for the coming year. These meetings will be the best opportunity IEEE-USA has to communicate, as a group, with the new Congress.


Thank you for your interest.
Registration for CVD 2021 is now closed.

CVD's Objectives

SET CVD raises awareness of the long-term importance of science, engineering and technology to the nation.

The core messages we will deliver in 2021 are:

  • Sustained investments in technology research are essential to our nation’s the long-term prosperity.
  • Science, Engineering and Technology partnerships between government, universities, and industries mean progress, economic growth and jobs for our Nation.
  • Federal investments in basic research across the engineering and scientific fields must be maintained.

Training Videos

Basic Ground Rules for Participants

  • First-time CVD participants are encouraged to attend one of the training sessions that will be scheduled prior to your meetings. Experienced CVD attendees are invited to attend. These training sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants.
  • IEEE-USA will schedule all meetings with your Representative, Senators and/or their staff, based on constituency. Please indicate your approximate availability when you register.
  • Remember that you will be attending all your meetings as part of a team consisting of other IEEE members.
  • If you have connections to legislators other than those you vote for, there may be opportunities for you to participate in additional meetings. However, please be mindful and allow the constituent(s) to lead his/her meeting.
  • We understand that you cannot be available for any time the week of March 29th. IEEE-USA will do everything we can to accommodate all participants’ schedules, but we may not be able to find a time that works for everyone and for your legislators.
  • Once you commit to a meeting, it is vital that you participate.
  • If you need to cancel your CVD registration, please contact Kayla Henneberry (k.henneberry@ieee.org) ASAP so meetings she made in your behalf can be canceled.
  • You will want to meet your team members and work on your “message” to legislators prior to your meetings.


CVD is free for all participants.

Dress Code

In-person meetings: Business Professional Attire

Video meetings: Also Business Professional Attire


IEEE-USA will be distributing leave-behind and other preparatory materials to you in advance. We will also be posting videos to help prepare you for your meetings starting in early March. Materials for the "Leave Behind" Folder will be made available at the IEEE-USA Training.

Staff Contacts

Russ Harrison
Director, IEEE-USA Government Relations
+1 202-530-8326

Kayla Henneberry
Policy Associate, Government Activities
+1 202-530-8356

CvVD Training 101

*Due to overwhelming response, we have had to shift the dates for our CVD meetings with legislators to 14 April to accommodate our members.