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    Author: Harry T. Roman In his second IEEE-USA comic portrayal of robots in action, Pipeline Gets Rescued, author Harry T. Roman again illustrates how robots are not just for science fiction stories, but are currently in use, solving problems and improving our lives. Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
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    Author: Harry T. Roman Harry T. Roman clearly believes that no age is too young to expose young people to the field of engineering, and he is helping parents and grandparents do just that by providing a new series of illustrated, comic-style e-books on engineering — for all ages to enjoy! Member: FREE Non-Member: $2.99
  • Authors: Eiko Nakajima, Dong Jiong An, who has enrolled in university but is not enjoying a fulfilling student life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding new aspirations by participating in the Region 10 Congress, IEEE's international event, and coming into contact with people and cultures from other countries. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Authors: Aika Ueno, Keiko Ishii One day, a mysterious robot from the future named "Triple E" appears in front of a female graduate student who is sleep deprived, has a disordered diet, and leads an unhealthy research lifestyle! Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Author: Hisao Usui Sequel to "KOGAKU JOSHI." They are all striving to develop their respective fields of expertise, but sometimes the road ahead is steep! Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Authors: Rino Sugimoto, Kojiro Nishimiya A love story set in Okinawa about a Sanshin (musical instrument) craftsman and a female university student studying acoustic engineering. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Author: Natsuko Kawakami Riko-chan, a genius science girl who can hardly be considered an elementary school student, uses mathematical models and simulations to solve the little mysteries of everyday life in this new kind of coming-of-age mystery. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • Author: Hisao Usui Three girls studying in the Department of Engineering find their own way by rethinking “engineering” from their own perspectives. Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE
  • They’re back! The Tesla Twins — that dynamic superhero duo who delighted IEEE-USA members last year with their battles against the Forces of Evil — are here again. Once more, these two make-believe descendants of one of the most prolific inventors and futurists in engineering history are offering readers of all ages both a touch of fantasy and plenty of inspiration about engineering. The Tesla Twins: Rescue at the Speed of Lightis the second in the IEEE-USA e-comic series with the young electrical engineering superheroes. The comic is dedicated to “all engineers and engineers to come — who do, and will do, great things to make our world a better place.” Member: FREE Non-Member: $4.99
  • Author: Jeff Knurek  |  Download FREE audiobook A new duo of superheroes is in town, ready to do battle with the Forces of Evil — as IEEE-USA introduces its first comic book with electrical engineering superheroes.

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